Simple Shared

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Simple Shared Accounts
2016 — 2017


At Simple we strove to do banking better with more heart than anyone else. So, when we got the green light in early 2016 to start building what was then our most user-requested by an overwhelming margin, we wanted to do it right.

As lead designer on the project, I oversaw product design efforts from initial discovery through full operational capacity, managing workstreams serving 12 developers across web, iOS, and Android simultaneously, all the way through to training and handoff with the customer relations team.

Additionally, I designed the packaging and lifecycle materials, physical card, and set the tone for the brand campaign that accompanied its launch.

Shared Accounts, like much of the product design at Simple, was an exercise is suppressing unnecessary complexity from users and fighting relentlessly against draconian industry attitudes and regulatory frameworks in order to deliver the best, most elegant possible end-user experience.

So, while to users the end result was fairly subtle (some account switching, a quick onboarding process, etc.), it was a months long, painstaking effort to get it made.

Joint accounts have always been made for normative, suburban people leading normative, suburban lives. You have to go to a branch, get sized up by everyone inside, and answer a ton of personal questions. So, if you are from the deep south and have a shock of pink hair, tattoos all over your body, and a relationship with your partner that might not map well to societal expectations, it’s likely that you never bothered. We were deeply committed to upending this completely. We made a product that you could use no matter who you are, no matter what neighborhood you’re from, no matter how you’re connected to the person you want to share your money and life with, without anyone giving you the side-eye as long as everything checked out from a security and legal perspective. No one had ever done that before. It wasn’t easy, but it made us all deeply proud.